The research

Tilburg University is conducting a study among entrepreneurs, self-employed, and others in the cultural and creative sector. We are studying how various aspects, such as creativity, collaboration, strategy, and results relate to one another. We aim to track these aspects during the course of several years.

Better insights into creativity, entrepreneurship, and collaboration in the creative and cultural sector is important for science, the government, as well as for the participants in this sector. For this reason, in 2015 more then 3500 individuals have participated in the annual questionnaire, in 2016 more then 7500 individuals have participated.

The general results stemming from this questionnaire can be found here.

A personal report for all participants

The results of this study can help anyone who is in some way involved in the cultural and creative sector. Through this research, we can, for example, provide insights into the sector and generate key data on which better future policy can be developed. Because of this, Tilburg University has created a personal report for all participants, in which their results were (completely anonymously) compared to the results of others in the same area of the sector as well as the sector as a whole.

Completely confidential

The research in its entirety is conducted by Tilburg University and is financed by, among others, the Dutch organization for Scientific Research. Naturally, the questionnaire is completely confidential, and no individual information nor answers will be shared with any third parties. Furthermore, there are no commercial or political, but only purely scientific research goals.

In conclusion

If you have any questions or suggestions with regards to this questionnaire or our research, then please contact us through We are eager to hear from you!