Between ‘space’ and ‘non-space’ in Copenhagen

On July 6th, scientists explore the concept of space and how it is relationally constituted. COL researcher Boukje Cnossen is involved in a workshop on this topic, which will take place in Copenhagen.

Since 2015, research involved in the Space, Creativity and Organising (SCO) Workshop explore the concept of space. When we interact and speak with each other, we are weaving the spaces that we inhabit. The researchers are specifically interested in the challenge posed to organization as the boundary between space and ‘non-space’ gets blurred. What are the non-spaces with which organization today grapples?

This third edition of the workshop interrogates the treatment of space, work and organizations in works of fiction. It will be focused on the work of Roberto Bolaño, in particular his magnum opus 2666. Everyone with an interest in space, organizing, and fiction is invited to join.

For more information: visit SCO’s website. To apply: send an e-mail with your research interest (a few sentences suffice) to Boukje Cnossen (